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Cloud Hopper Aerial Pix

Offers custom aerial photography utilizing drone camera platforms and state of the art ground cameras. We can access challenging terrain and remote locations.

What do we bring to the table?

Jim and Karen bring many years of experience in the world of photography and videography offering clients the best in planning and execution, whether it be the eco-wedding of the century, monitoring the house you are building, evaluating your crop for the season, roof inspections for insurance purposes, documenting a real estate development or capturing that special event. It is not just flying a drone and taking photos that is most important, it is the insight that comes from years  of audio/visual editing experience to tell your story best.

Jim was one of CNN’s first field producers collecting video footage for news coverage. Jim also worked with many other cable networks such as HBO productions, ESPN sports, The Weather Channel and production companies that brought exciting stories to television in programs such as Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, National Geographic, You Asked For It, That’s Incredible and many others.

Karen is an accomplished underwater photographer. Her photographs have appeared in various publications aimed at the SCUBA and Snorkeling markets.


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